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So you're now ready for a positive change in your life, and to build a better future, one simple video at a time, right?

Smart decision.

Because In my Tube Tycoon® program...

You'll uncover the exact step-by-step blueprint to creating profit-pulling YouTube videos in the next 30 days, and in a way that’s quicker, easier, and more enjoyable than you ever imagined. 
Introducing Tube Tycoon®!
The Secrets to 7 Figures Online With Stupidly Simple 
YouTube Videos. You'll Discover:

  •  Week 0 - YouTube Demystified:​You'll peer right into the heart of YouTube, and learn exactly how to short-cut your way right to the top. Upon completion, you'll have a 2 year head-start on the average marketer.
  • Week 1 - Research Made Easy: You'll uncover incredible keyword, niche, and product opportunities that go unnoticed by the masses. You'll work in less crowded spaces, and earn more affiliate sales because of it.
  •  Week 2 - Effortless Video Formula: You'll be able mass produce high-value videos for free. These are long-lasting digital assets that can drive results that are so reliable, you can set your watch to it.
  • Week 3 - Free Traffic Mastery: From this point forward, you'll have at your command, the ability to unleash floods of high value free website traffic to any video and any affiliate link. This is the kind of traffic that keeps on coming in, regardless of what you to do today, tomorrow, or even next year.
  • Week 4 - YouTube Perpetual Machine - Wouldn't it be nice to publish a video today, and have it driving views and sales up to 7 years later? With this in place, you now have the ability to outlast and outperform any other videos in your space... year, after year, after year. 
(All 5 weeks are instantly accessible inside the online members area now!)
What Tube Tycoon Users Are Saying...
Act Now & Get These Amazing Bonuses
Bonus #1 Facebook Mastermind Group

Get Access to the private facebook mastermind group where we continually improve our YouTube skill as a group. Get your questions answered by other members, share tips and tricks, what's working now, and continued training and content! The value of the group on it's own is worth today's investment on its' own.
Bonus #2 Instant Video Profits

This simple 3 page process will force you to spit out new video after new video… and have them out there “working for you” immediately.No more spending WEEKS on videos. Follow this exactly to get videos done and published in under 30 minutes. 
Bonus #3: Copy Paste Video Scripts

Simply copy and paste your niche keywords and content into my battle-hardened video scripts…

…and sleep well knowing that each video you make will be down right deadly… converting views into sales at an extraordinary rate.
Bonus #4: Red Hot Niche List

Choose from my list of 100s of cherry picked niche markets that are super red hot on YouTube.

Don’t get caught up on trying to figure out what to make videos about. Just pick a niche, and start pumping out videos!
Bonus #5: Money Motivation

I almost didn’t include this weird bonus, but it’s been so insanely valuable to me, that I had to include it. I give you a list of 10 powerful videos that fuel me to crazy results! Each morning (afternoon), I wake up and play these for 20 minutes. They have the power to motivate even the laziest SOB like me to do insane amounts of work! Guaranteed to take your output to the ridiculous heights.
Bonus #6 Master Affiliate Class

After bribing one of the world's best Facebook affiliates with thousands of dollars, he agreed to teach a profit-packed lesson on how to quickly leverage Facebook to explode your YouTube channel and affiliate commissions. This lesson can be applied very quickly. 
Bonus #7: On Demand Backlinks

Get Rank Boosting Backlinks INSTANTLY From Amazon and Google with this simple trick.

You’ll never waste time scrounging around on the internet looking for backlinks again. Get top tier links on demand.
Bonus #8: My Fiverr Rolodex

My exact list of providers that I use to outsource (when I’m feeling extra lazy). Get access to vetted voice overs, video animators, SEO experts, and more. Get EVERYTHING completely “Done For You” with this bonus.
Bonus #9 Group Channel Review 

I will review your channel during the Facebook mastermind regular live streams. I will take a look at the key aspects of your channel, and show you what how to tune your channel up for better results. Remember: one small tweak can be the difference between 3K/M and 10K/m. You'll see specifically where you should put your focus on.
Bonus #10: 90 Days Tube Buddy Legend for FREE!

Use this powerful software tool to supercharge your YouTube channel with SEO analysis, tag managers, A/B Split tests, and more for even better results.

Fact: One A/B split test can improve your channel results by 10%-20% from that point forward. I show you how to use to the tool to run as many split tests as you want, AND how to do it entirely free for 90 days.

This tool will normally cost you $147 to use for an entire 3 months, but I negotiated a special deal for Tube Tycoons to get it FOR FREE for 3 months.

You have zero obligation to use it. This is a real world value of $147, yours for free today with this bonus.
Bonus #11: ONE "Done For You" Traffic Getting YouTube Video!

My team and I will create your FIRST traffic getting YouTube video for free with this bonus. It's costly for me to offer this, but I want you to be successful, so I'm willing to invest directly into you to insure that.

Simply send me your 350 word script, and I will have my team create a 3 minute whiteboard/animation video for you, and we'll also make you an attention grabbing thumbnail AND a keyword laden video title... done right.

(Please send us your script within 30 days of your investment today, so we can keep this process organized. Also, by nature of this, we can't offer revisions. So please proof read your video script to make sure everything is correct before you send it to us)
You're Backed By My 32 Day Action Based Guarantee!

I’m so confident that Tube Tycoon® will get you the results you are looking for, that I’m backing it up with my 32 Day Action Based Money Back Guarantee.

If you follow my Tube Tycoon® program and create and publish at least 15 good videos following the program... and aren't 100% satisfied with the end result... simply send me an email to and I’ll give you your money back.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to appear on camera to make this work?

NO! It doesn’t matter if you have a pimpled acne face… have bucked teeth… or you just can’t “pull it together” on camera… because no one will ever know it’s you behind the scenes.

Can it be done on a low budget?

Yes! There are very few businesses you can start for as cheap as a YouTube business. All you need is an extra $50 to startup… Power Point or Open Office, and you have everything you need to start!

I don't know what to make videos about. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! A lot of the channels I started I knew nothing about the topics. Because when you use research “hacks”, you can create high value videos in topics you have no expertise in.

Does This Work In Any Niche, Or For My Existing Business?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re affiliate marketer, an eCommerce seller, product funnel… or local business:  This can work for you.

Do I Have To Pay For Traffic To Make This Work?

Nope! The majority the my traffic is 100% free traffic, so you don’t have to be one of those braineak computer geniuses to figure it out. No paid advertising math… analytics… or any of that complicated boring stuff to get this to work. And it doesn’t cost a penny to keep the traffic coming in.

What Top Students Have to Say About Tube Tycoon®:
Disclaimer: This program is for educational purposes only. All customer results below are extra-ordinary results and are not representative of what the average user will experience. The average user may earn more, less, no money at all, or the same.
"My Best Day Ever:
$1,182 In A Single Day"

My best day and week in sales EVER and all from a list I've built ENTIRELY from Youtube following Tube Tycoon.
(For more details, my list has about 1,700 people on it, and maybe 200-300 of them really open a lot of emails)
And my youtube is at about 1900 subscribers. So definitely not huge for either.
-Brad Osborne
"Making $1,600 a Month Part-Time While I Drive for Uber"

I'm about at $1,600 a month already and it just keeps growing. My goal is 5K a month by the end of the year, and double that by Dec 2019. If I add another channel or two I know I can get there!
-Laurie Harlan
"We Went From Having NOTHING to $50K In ONE DAY"

So we joined Tube Tycoon back in January, and started our YouTube channel in April (5 months ago) with 0 subscribers, and have now built it to over 1,300.

So we went from having NOTHING on YouTube to making over $50k IN ONE DAY, with a small following, and ZERO paid traffic.
-Christian & Rasmus Mikkelsen
"Just Hit My First $100 Day Without Doing Any Work On My YouTube At All Today!"

I'm on cloud 9 atm. Just hit my first $100 day. I did not do any work on my youtube or website at all today. It's so cool to see money coming in 24/7. Passive income is Awesome.Just follow the training and you will eventually see success, it may be 3 months or 2 years but it will pay off eventually 
-Hash Brown
"I Am The Worst Tube Tycoon Member Out There... But Am Getting a Reasonable Amount Of Money!"

I am probably the worst Tube Tycoon Member out there, I got discouraged after only 20 days or so of implementing a small part of the Tube Tycoon system, and basically gave up. My YouTube slap hurt, the negative comments hurt, I took it all to heart for some strange reason. However, many months after stopping work on my two channels I am starting to sell a few things, and getting a reasonable amount of money. 
-Nathan Conkey
"I Just Hit $85 In Commissions In 4 Weeks..."

This system really does work. Stick with the 30-day challenge. I just hit $85 in commissions in 4 weeks. This is a small but important achievement.
-Nic Hall
"I'm Finally At $100 a Day from One Of My Sites"

Took a lot of work and trial and error but I'm finally at $100 a day from one of my sites...using Tube Tycoon to drive crazy amounts of traffic.
-Rhadeik Hall
"My YouTube Channel Is Making Legit 4 Figures a Month"

Tube Tycoon is is amazing, one of my youtube channels is making legit 4 figures a month, and it's a relatively new channel.
-Aaron Omary
"Listed As a Top Channel On FeedSpot for My Topic!"
Thanks to Dan Brock for this program. I was just recently listed on Feedspot as one of the top ADHD Youtube channels in 2018!
-Tara  McGillicuddy
"Just Made My First Sale Using Tube Tycoon!"

Just made my first sale using tube tycoon! Really happy with the program... I am new to YouTube and the first sale came quickly.. Dan offers lots of support... if you want to be successful on YouTube Tube Tycoon is the place to start. Thanks again Dan Brock
-Matthew Jope
"I'm Feeling Encouraged!"
-Vincent Art
"Made My First Sale a Month Ago!"
I combined Tube Tycoon with affiliate marketing. Made my first sale bout a month ago! Wanna take it to the next level now. 
-Saad Alvi
"My Life Changed After I Took Tube Tycoon"

Since Tube Tycoon is basically a setup and watch the money grow kinda thing. I've been able to have so much more free time. I've been to Thailand, Dubai, California and Germany in a few weeks. All of this happened after I took the program haha.

Even though I've been able to quit my job and travel wherever I want, Im still shocked and humbled by the power of having a Youtube Business. 

I went from 1k a month to 3k a month to 5.5k to about 7.3k which is my highest [month] so far. 
-Malik Mufasa
"Set Up a YT Channel Not Even a Week Ago and Am Listed In The Top 5 For a Search Term."
Dan Brock you are the man! I took Tube Tycoon months ago but got too busy to implement. 

Set up my YT channel not even a week ago and am listed in the top 5 for a search term. 

This ish works!
-Erin Alphonso
"Near 400 Leads In ONE Day"

Thanks Dan Brock !!!! I have learned a lot from you man.... Thanks to what I have learned from you my YouTube Channel is growing, and I have collected near to 400 leads in one day....

-Miguel Valencia
Yes, I'm In!
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In addition to be being backed and protected by a 32 day action based money back guarantee, I will also get full access to the entire packaged listed here today!
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